School Curriculum


Here at Bromesberrow St. Mary's School we have clear aims in terms of our children's education, which we view , with equal emphasis being placed upon the academic; as well as the spiritual, moral and social aspects of teaching and learning. We have a dedicated Teaching and Learning policy that explains this in further depth.

We are a Values based school, where values are seen as an integral part of school life. We strongly believe that in order to succeed academically you need to have key qualities which will equip you on your learning journey. Our core Values are:

* Respect

* Perseverence

* Motivation

* Kindness

* Pride

* Cooperation

We teach the National Curriculum 2014 in Key Stages 1 and 2, Link: , and the Early Years Framework in Reception, link: A creative approach is employed in regards to our curriculum, whereby subjects are taught through a variety of over-arching themes and focused subject/skills weeks. Our curriculum is seen as ever-evolving and ever-changing, to reflect the transient nature of the world and society we live in. We are very keen to exploit our environment and maximise this to incorporate our community; we take on board ideas from children, parents, governors and local residents to provide enrichment opportunities to enhance our curriculum wherever possible. We are very proud of our 'bespoke' Bromesberrow curriculum.



 Bromes Long term English plan 2017-18.doc


Bromes Long term Maths plan 2017-18.doc

Religious Education

The school teaches the LA's agreed Gloucestershire syllabus for Religious Education, We are a Church of England school and have excellent links with our local church. Our new vicar (Rev. Andy Sewell) visits our school at least once a week to deliver Collective Worship and team teach RE to specific classes. It is wonderful to have this extra input, which supplements our curriculum, providing another level of expertise. We also hold a collective act of worship everyday, which is Christian based with strong links to values (of which we change each term to reflect the Christian calendar, as well as current local and global events).

RE Long Term Planning 2017-2019



Science is taught across the school in line with the expectations set out in the National Curriculum. We have a clear coverage tracker, which ensures progression in knowledge acquisition. Skills trackers for investigative skills in Science are used to assess progress and attainment, and provide teachers with regular updates to plan for individual needs. Science is taught in blocks/units and learning is revisited where needed.

Bromes Long term Science plan 2017-18.doc

Physical Education

Please see our PE policy and main tab on home screen.

Humanities, Art, DT, Computing, Music and MFL

These are as laid out in the National Curriculum in terms of coverage and knowledge acquistion. Coverage plans are in place where appropriate to support the planning process, however teachers are encouraged to use creativity and flexibility to teach these in with/to compliment their topic.

Please view each classes Medium Term plan to learn more: Class Two Autumn 2017

                                                                                      Class 1 Autumn Planning 2017


Ofsted Comments

"In this small school, with mixed age classes, each pupil is known individually and their personal needs are catered for well."

January 2014

What Others Say

"Thank-you for everything you've done for us - our daughter is so happy and has blossomed in every way."