Eco Schools

In Eco-club we carry out environmental reviews of our school to see how and where we might improve, e.g. how we can reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring the message is clear throughout school about the importance of conserving energy.

Our aim is to make our children, staff, parents and community more environmentally aware.

We monitor recycling facilities, looking at composting as well as paper recycling. We are actively involved in sustaining the school allotment.

We run regular 'Get your Grown ups Growing' days, where parents, pupils and staff get together to be green fingered, helping to maintain our school allotments. 

Our school chickens are a very welcome addition. Class One children raised the funds to purchase these, and continued selling of the eggs provides an income for their upkeep.

Recently we received 30 woodland tree saplings from The Woodland Trust to enance our school environment. Everyone worked hard to get them planted and they are now beginning to flourish.


Ofsted Comments

"The school is very much at the heart of its community and is valued by parents and carers for all that it provides."

January 2014

What Others Say

"The teaching staff are wonderful.  My children really enjoy their work and are always keen to tell me about their day"