Learning at Home

Active Learn 

Keep up to speed with your Maths (Abacus Maths) and Reading (Reading Bug), as well as improving your Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (Grammar Bug) at home! All you need to do is to click on the Active Learn link above, which will redirect you to the Abacus login page. Then enter your username (ask your teacher if you have forgotten it), the password, which is quite simply password and the school code, which is kxms. Easy!

Your teachers will be keeping an eye on your progress and usage and will be rewarding your extra efforts with Castle Points. Happy learning!


Ofsted Comments

"Pupils' progress and achievement are good throughout the school."

January 2014

What Others Say

"Bromesberrow is a lovely, positive, warm school and I have loved my teaching experience here. You have helped me to become an outstanding trainee teacher so thank you very much"