Class One

Autumn 2017

We've all settled into school and the children are confidently finding their way around the classroom environment. 

Preschool children will be involved in activities that build their listening skills and rhyming and alliteration knowledge but most of all we, as adults, will be following the children's interests and developing the environment to suit them. 

Reception will be beginning to learn phonics to help them read and write as well as numeracy skills through practical activities. Their day will still consist of child led play and activities. 

Y1 will be following the National Curriculum and will be building on their phonic knowledge with alternative spellings. They will be exploring Animals, inc Humans as their science topic, looking at the human body and the 5 senses. In Geography they will be observing their locality and the seasons. They will be accessing the Continous Provision within class, by undertaking Challenges, linked to what they are learning. 

Forest School sessions take place weekly throughout the Autumn, giving us chance to observe the natural changes and decay in the woods. 

Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Meek, Miss O-S.

Class 1 Gallery

Ofsted Comments

"Pupils' progress and achievement are good throughout the school."

January 2014

What Others Say

"Thank-you for everything you've done for us - our daughter is so happy and has blossomed in every way."